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Center Line Mount Worm Gear Drive

Gear Products worm gear drives and gearboxes have the durability that you need and can depend on. Our gear drives are commonly used in the Infrastructure, Energy & Utilities markets with standard & custom built units for each application. With standard output torque ratings from 4000 in-lbs (452 Nm) to 30,000 in- lbs (3,390 Nm), our worm gear drives can handle a wide range of requirements. Mate with Gear Products slewing ring bearing for optimal performance.

  • Multiple Standard and Custom Mounting Options
  • Eccentric Rings Optional
  • Dry and oil bath adjustable brakes available
  • Hi-Performance Self-Locking gear design
  • Various Hydraulic Motor and No Motor Options
  • Custom and Standard Output Shafts & Pinon Gears
  • Integrated Electronic Drum Rotation, Speed, Direction and Layer Indication Available

Product Options

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    Product Name
    Output Shaft Data
    Output RPM (Max)
    Output Torque (in-lbs)
    Pilot Diameter
    Pilot Depth
    Eccentric Ring Offset
    Output Shaft Style
    Pinion/Shaft Length (From Mounting Surface)
    Mounting Bolt Pattern/Size
    Pinion Face Width
    Pinion Pitch Dia.
    Motor Side (viewed from shaft side/worm down)
    Hydraulic Motor Type
    Hydraulic Motor Flange Type
    Hydraulic Motor Shaft Type
    Hydraulic Motor Port Orientation
    Worm Brake Type
    Paint Finish
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