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Planetary Hoist

Tulsa Winch planetary hoists have the durability and reliability that you need and depend on. Tulsa Winch planetary hoists are commonly used in the Infrastructure, Recovery, Energy & Marine markets and can be custom designed for each application. With line pull ratings from 5000 Lbs.. (22 kN) to 21,000 Lbs.. (92 kN), our hoists can handle a wide range of requirements.

  • Custom and Standard Sideplate Designs
  • High Static Brake Capacity (Accommodates up to 200 PSI backpressure)
  • Numerous Hydraulic Motor Options
  • Various Ratio's Available
  • Multiple Drum Options Available
  • Cable Packer/Roller Options Available
  • Integrated Electronic Drum Rotation, Speed, Direction and Layer Indication Available

Product Options

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    Product Name
    Electronic Monitoring
    Direction of Rotation
    Motor Port Orientation
    Pressure Roller
    Rope Anchor Type
    Special Controls
    Rope Type
    Drum Type
    Cable Size
    Linepull (Lbs-f)
    Two Speed (Y/N)
    Low Speed (fpm)
    High Speed (fpm)
    Required Pressure
    Required Flow (gpm)
    Cable Capacity (ft.)
    ANSI Cable Capacity (ft.)