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Hydraulic Pump Drive-HPD Kit

Gear Products offers one of the widest selections of standard and custom-engineered hydraulic pump drives anywhere—with models that cover horsepower ratings from 325 hp to 1200 hp. Our modular design provides maximum flexibility and component adaption for every application, including: Single pump direct drives that allow for nesting the pump inside the flywheel housing, providing the smallest stack-up possible in an engine compartment; Heavy-duty gear drives for up to nine pumps; Customized configurations for clutch, drive plate, shaft input, rubber block, gear or torsional coupling; Independent mount, direct-engine mount, or clutch-driven units; Adaptors available in a variety of engine housings and flywheel sizes. No matter how complex the requirements or application, world industries depend on Gear Products for advanced technology, precision manufacturing, and engineering innovation

  • Standard Engine Adapters Available
  • Output - Up to 8 pump pads
  • Numerous Input Shaft, Drive Plate or Clutch Options
  • Precision Ground Gears Optional
  • Forced Lubrication Optional
  • Oil Level Dipsticks
  • Manual & Air Kickout Clutches Available

Product Options

Please select your options below.

    Product Name
    Number of Pump Pads
    Input Drive Type
    Speed Increaser/Decreaser
    Max Gear Ratio
    Gear Quality
    Oil Circulation Type
    Oil Level Indicator Type
    Pad A SAE Flange
    Pad A Number Of Bolts
    Pad A SAE Spline
    Pad A Horsepower (Max)
    Pad B SAE Flange
    Pad B Number Of Bolts
    Pad B SAE Spline
    Pad B Horsepower (Max)
    Pad C SAE Flange
    Pad C Number Of Bolts
    Pad C SAE Spline
    Pad C Horsepower (Max)
    Pad D SAE Flange
    Pad D Number Of Bolts
    Pad D SAE Spline
    Pad D Horsepower (Max)
    Pad E SAE Flange
    Pad E Number Of Bolts
    Pad E SAE Spline
    Pad E Horsepower (Max)
    Pad F SAE Flange
    Pad F Number Of Bolts
    Pad F SAE Spline
    Pad F Horsepower (Max)
    Dist. Between Mounting Surfaces
    Number and Size of Mounting Bolts (Ea. Side)
    Mounting Bolt Pattern (Ea. Side)
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DP01-3-10-C (-5/8) 21T16/32
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23 items