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Truck Bumper With Capstan Drive

dp Winch offers custom and standard designs for various vehicles, including compact track loaders, utility, and work trucks. dp high-performance bumper winches are equipped to get the job done fast.

  • Fairlead rollers
  • Single and 2-speed motor options available. (12V, 24V & hyd. 2-Speed)
  • Multi-disc oil brake
  • Curb & Street side capstan available
  • In-Out clutch for capstan
  • Cable tensioner plate
  • Integrated Electronic Drum Rotation, Speed, Direction and Layer Indication Available

Product Options

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    Product Name
    Hydraulic Pressure
    Motor Type
    Rope Type
    With Winch
    Winch Line pull (Bare Drum)
    Winch Line speed (Bare Drum)
    With Capstan Shaft
    With Capstan Drum
    Capstan Line pull (7 DIA.)
    Capstan Line pull (20 DIA.)
    Rope Capacity
    Rope Size
    Fairlead Type
    Free spool Clutch Type
    Flow (gpm)
    Paint Finish
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